1. Urbannaure4kids was featured in the August 2019 American Association of Geographers/Geo-Mentors Newsletter.

We appreciate the exposure from AAG Geomentors https://aag.informz.net/informzdataservice/onlineversion/ind/bWFpbGluZ2luc3RhbmNlaWQ9ODc0MTc5NyZzdWJzY3JpYmVyaWQ9MTA3NTk3OTc1


2. Urbannature4kids was featured in the Math4Success Newsletter. We appreciate Math 4 Success for the support and exposure. https://www.math4success.org/so/86NA6Z4ct?cid=b8cf0220-3298-490d-bb2a-33916b7b7133#/main


3. Urbannature4kids was featured in the My Founder Story Linkedin post by Chris Olsen, Founder and CEO. We appreciate the recognition and exposure from My Founder Story. A Force to Be Reckoned With: 100+ Black Female Founders Making History Despite the Obstacles – My Founder Story