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About Us

Urbannature4kids is a Michigan registered non-profit. Our goal is to mentor children and young adults as they develop academic interests. We want to help build the interest in science, technology, and math career fields. Not only will these disciplines play a huge role in preserving the environment going forward, they will also become increasingly lucrative.

We also understand the educational gap between affluent and low income communities. We want to contribute to the former of the two. There is an urgent need for low income communities in Michigan to develop educational and career readiness standards. It is essential for children to know the importance of taking care of nature and the environment. Earth is our only home, and we must take care of it.

About the Founder and CEO:

My name is Raven Wright, and I’m the founder of Urbannature4kids.com. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, and a Master’s in Urban Planning from Wayne State University. I now work as a certified procurement contract specialist.

My inspiration for UrbanNature4Kids came during a class project in a social entrepreneurship course. I realized young scholars could benefit from a website and mobile application that promoted careers that serve the environment.


What career opportunities lie in sustaining the environment?



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